ZTA zeta tau alpha - clipboards

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it together!
(and dry erase board too!)

I really believe nothing truly happens "by accident."
When I had the idea (and need!) for a custom Acrylic Clipboard, we made up a few samples to test. While in a planning meeting with my biz partner,  he started to write down his idea all over the clipboard sample on my  desk. My husband walked in and said, "Cool, you guys are making EC Dry  Erase Clipboards?"...and there you have it!

Much like the melding of chocolate and peanut butter, this stylish Clipboard will hold your papers in place AND act as a dry erase board too! The  perfect tool for event planners, choreographers, directors, camp  counselors and coaches too!

dimensions 9" x 12.5"
production time 7-10 days