Blogger Takeover: Planning your days, Three ways with Bloguettes

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Deciding on the LifePlanner™ layout that’s right for you can be a difficult task! With all three signature layouts on sale (at 40% off!!!!), now is the time to try one out and discover what the buzz is all about!

Our friends over at Bloguettes helped us out by explaining how each layout works for their unique personalities and preferences based on their job. All three agreed that with busy days filled with meetings, events and miscellaneous office duties, keeping a planner is essential to staying on track and mapping out the week ahead. How they approached their planning was totally varied, however. Read on to see how the different layouts can be utilized and get inspired to get organized!

Lorena (Co-Founder): Horizontal LifePlanner™ 

As one of the cofounders of Bloguettes, every day is different! I chose this particular layout because it’s very open and doesn’t restrict my writing as there is ample room to write any add-ins that may come up within the day, as is always the case. The color of the planner is really what caught my eye. It’s visually appealing and let’s be honest, no one likes to stare at a boring planner! I was able to use my Erin Condren stickers to highlight my daily to-dos on the sides of my weekly view pages, adding another pretty visual to what needed to be accomplished within the day.  I also used colorful EC pens to further systemize my week and categorize my appointments with color coding. I am so excited to confidently take on 2016 with my Erin Condren plannee! Bloguettes 4  Sakura (Co-Founder & Brand Director): Hourly LifePlanner™   

My role at Bloguettes is Creative Brand Director (as well as a Co-Founder). That means everything & anything that is being published by the company must reflect our brand aesthetic and look visually pleasing. My days are always jam-packed with meetings with different company department teams. If I’m not in a meeting, I’m busy shooting YouTube videos, stock photos, you name it! That’s why I need a planner that has a time slot for every 30 minutes. Every planner works differently for everyone, but this specific Erin Condren planner works perfectly with my crazy day-to-day schedule!

 Bloguettes 3

Shanna (Editor): Vertical LifePlanner™

As an editor, I handle everything related to the blog. We have at least one blog post going live every day, which means keeping track of the posting schedule is super important. My particular layout was incredibly helpful for my type of work! Each day is split into three separate chunks. I used the top segment for blog posts, the middle for work (meetings, to-do items, reminders…etc), and the last portion for my personal agenda. It made things a lot more organized and having three specific sections allowed me to quickly glance at it throughout the day and know exactly what to do. There were also lined sections on the sides and bottom of the planner that let me write additional to-do lists or add motivational quotes when I need a spark of inspiration.

My number one trick when using the planner was sticky notes! Blog posts have a tendency to get switched around so writing blog post titles on sticky notes makes it easier to lift & stick items wherever I need to. It’s a lot better than having to erase, or worse, scratch out, entries. Basically, using sticky notes keeps my planner from looking like a hot mess!

Are you feeling inspired!? If you need more help choosing between layouts, check out our lookbook and flip through the pages of each. Don’t vacillate for too long or you’ll miss out on the sale and they’ll be all gone!

St. Patrick’s Day #tbt

TBT St Pat 1

We are throwing it back to that time we filmed a silly Harlem shake video for our Youtube channel. Can’t believe that was 3 years ago!!

Notice the special (cardboard cut out) appearance by “the Biebs” in the background. I’ll be seeing J.B. this weekend with my daughter at Staples center!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and green-filled St. Patrick’s Day full of good LUCK & love!

p.s. If you haven’t heard….you may just find some extra luck over on our site (hint hint it’s a SALE!)

Life lessons learned on the basketball court

Poms 1

I found this information on and agree with every word:

The literature on youth sport stresses the positive effects of participation in learning the important life skills of goal setting and time management combined with enjoyment; the development of a strong sense of morality; and the development of an appreciation of diversity.

Poms 7

Studies have shown that children playing sports are more likely to exhibit:

• higher grades • greater personal confidence and self-esteem • greater connections with school • stronger peer relationships • more academically oriented friends • greater family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents • more restraint in avoiding risky behavior; and • greater involvement in volunteer work

As a UCLA grad, this quote from Legendary basketball coach, John Wooden, always resonated with me.
Poms 4

A daughter of a college baseball & women’s softball coach, I have been “coached” through my entire life, not only in sports, but also as a parent and a business owner. My business partner has told me that one of my greatest qualities is that I’m “coachable,” listen intently and apply my experiences to the overall improvement of my “game.”

Poms 3

My daughter is in 8th grade and it’s her last year to play in our city league. When asked to be an assistant coach, I jumped at the opportunity! It has been an incredible few months, practicing each week with these girls and getting psyched for game days. In just the few hours we are together each week, I have watched this team mature in leaps and bounds (or should I say, REbounds) and their confidence has skyrocketed. I’ve even learned so much more about this fantastic game from our head coach (another fabulous, multi-tasking mom) who played college basketball for Florida State.

Poms 5

Sometimes it’s tough to add more to a busy schedule, but I am so glad I found a way to fit this in. We are currently seeded #1 going into the playoffs, but win or lose, this experience has been priceless and the memories will surely last a lifetime.

Poms 2

Let’s get CRAFTY!

Happy National Craft Month!

We’re celebrating our crafty community all month long with a fun limited edition bundle & dedicated social posts that are all about DIY.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you….

From getting creative with your compliment cards to using washi tape to create stunning envelopes, turning our gift wrap into wine and gift bags and so much more…we’re LOVING to see what you’ve been doing.

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Be happy & get crafty!