Inspiring through Writing


Have y’all been hearing about this new trend called bullet journaling? I have to confess I rely on some of my younger team members to fill me in on latest trends, and while some I admittedly don’t get, this is one I can really get into. I did some digging to learn more of what this trend entails and was loving this quote that embodies the process:

“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory.” – Jack London   notebook_post   Once I started my research, I was blown away. Essentially, you can make bullet journaling as intricate or as simple as you want. If you want to keep it clean and minimalist, use their system of numbering pages, utilizing simple bullet points and titling by date. If you love adding extras: washi tape, Polaroid photos, coil clips & more, do that too! Watch how to get started and grab a journal to enhance your productivity! Plus enjoy these inspiring articles that get me super excited to use my new journal!

  • how writing goals down can empower you (via  NPR. )
  • list of things to use your notebooks for (via HubPages.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m grabbing my NEW TakeNote™ Journal (on sale!) and am going to jot a few things down.  


Motiv Monday

While we try to infuse each & every day with inspiration, Motivational Monday has quickly become a favorite weekday tradition. There are so many powerful quotes out there that even narrowing it down to one a week is a difficult task!


Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out my instagram account @erincondren and enjoy a new #motivationalmonday post to kickstart your week! (I’ve included some of my favorites here!) stress We’ve had such an awesome response to the quotes that we’ve even turned some into  LifePlanner™ & TakeNote™ Notebook covers!halffull This week’s quote was inspired by my recent interview withBusiness Insider  that truly reminded me of how far I’ve come, the goals I have achieved and those still in REACH. (not to mention, my maiden name is actually REACH!) If you’re a big fan of this quote, like I am, check out our downloadable digital wallpaper section on our website so you can use it to remind you to reach your own goals. (Plus see this blog post on setting SMART goals.)


Have your own favorite quote that motivates & inspires? Email and perhaps your quote will be designed by our talented team and posted to inspire others!

Easter at Club Condren

So, we’ve covered entertaining and table decor for the Easter holiday (if you haven’t read that blog post, catch up here), but what about the activities and festivities for the actual day?

Easter Traditions 2

My family is big on traditions and it all stems from my amazing parents who always loved entertaining for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, my dad would dress like the Easter Bunny and wake us up for the annual hunt and “game show” he invented. (original contestants shown above!)  He’s gotten more elaborate (and a bit more formal in his tuxedo) now that there are grandchildren and each year he has some silly surprise in store….along with mandatory bunny ears to be worn by all!

Easter Traditions 2

A couple years ago he crafted an elaborate scavenger hunt that the grandkids had to follow and find clues to discover the “golden eggs.” No matter what new twist, he always sticks to tradition with a game he created when I was young, called “Bunny or Money.” He hides hundreds of plastic eggs that are filled with jelly beans and tiny sweets, but many of the eggs have coins and sometime dollar bills. After all the eggs are found, each player has to count their “bank” and decide if they want to be conservative and KEEP their cash, OR take a gamble and trade in their findings for what might be a greater prize under one of the eggs on the table. There is always an unassuming egg with a sole can of cat food inside or other less-than pleasant prizes to make selecting all the more risky! It’s all played in good fun and my dad makes sure to instill in the kids the ideas of decision making, living with your choices (even if they’re the wrong ones) and everyone has a lot of fun and too much chocolate!

Easter Traditions 5

I can’t wait to celebrate this Sunday & will be sure to post a pic or two with my peeps. Wishing you & yours a most “egg”celent celebration! Happy Easter!

Blogger Takeover: Planning your days, Three ways with Bloguettes

Bloguettes 1

Deciding on the LifePlanner™ layout that’s right for you can be a difficult task! With all three signature layouts on sale (at 40% off!!!!), now is the time to try one out and discover what the buzz is all about!

Our friends over at Bloguettes helped us out by explaining how each layout works for their unique personalities and preferences based on their job. All three agreed that with busy days filled with meetings, events and miscellaneous office duties, keeping a planner is essential to staying on track and mapping out the week ahead. How they approached their planning was totally varied, however. Read on to see how the different layouts can be utilized and get inspired to get organized!

Lorena (Co-Founder): Horizontal LifePlanner™ 

As one of the cofounders of Bloguettes, every day is different! I chose this particular layout because it’s very open and doesn’t restrict my writing as there is ample room to write any add-ins that may come up within the day, as is always the case. The color of the planner is really what caught my eye. It’s visually appealing and let’s be honest, no one likes to stare at a boring planner! I was able to use my Erin Condren stickers to highlight my daily to-dos on the sides of my weekly view pages, adding another pretty visual to what needed to be accomplished within the day.  I also used colorful EC pens to further systemize my week and categorize my appointments with color coding. I am so excited to confidently take on 2016 with my Erin Condren plannee! Bloguettes 4  Sakura (Co-Founder & Brand Director): Hourly LifePlanner™   

My role at Bloguettes is Creative Brand Director (as well as a Co-Founder). That means everything & anything that is being published by the company must reflect our brand aesthetic and look visually pleasing. My days are always jam-packed with meetings with different company department teams. If I’m not in a meeting, I’m busy shooting YouTube videos, stock photos, you name it! That’s why I need a planner that has a time slot for every 30 minutes. Every planner works differently for everyone, but this specific Erin Condren planner works perfectly with my crazy day-to-day schedule!

 Bloguettes 3

Shanna (Editor): Vertical LifePlanner™

As an editor, I handle everything related to the blog. We have at least one blog post going live every day, which means keeping track of the posting schedule is super important. My particular layout was incredibly helpful for my type of work! Each day is split into three separate chunks. I used the top segment for blog posts, the middle for work (meetings, to-do items, reminders…etc), and the last portion for my personal agenda. It made things a lot more organized and having three specific sections allowed me to quickly glance at it throughout the day and know exactly what to do. There were also lined sections on the sides and bottom of the planner that let me write additional to-do lists or add motivational quotes when I need a spark of inspiration.

My number one trick when using the planner was sticky notes! Blog posts have a tendency to get switched around so writing blog post titles on sticky notes makes it easier to lift & stick items wherever I need to. It’s a lot better than having to erase, or worse, scratch out, entries. Basically, using sticky notes keeps my planner from looking like a hot mess!

Are you feeling inspired!? If you need more help choosing between layouts, check out our lookbook and flip through the pages of each. Don’t vacillate for too long or you’ll miss out on the sale and they’ll be all gone!


aby inspiration 2

Inspiration is all around us! Our designs, both monthly covers and classic favorites, are always inspired by a blend of things. Sometimes I’ll see a fashion trend like rose gold, lace or butterflies and create a unique interpretation for the EC collection. I love to take photos of fashionable window displays or tear inspiration from a magazine and have creative collaborations with my fabulous design team.

Our very talented lead graphic designer, Aby, shared some of her favorite personal projects and how they go from an idea in her head to the cover of your LifePlanner™! I ambushed her over coffee last week and thought the community would love to know how she works!

Q: Aby! Do tell…what are some of your favorite patterns that you’ve designed?

A: I definitely have a soft spot for the watercolors. Hmm, so I’d say the new Watercolor Floral, Watercolor Shine, Butterfly and (non-watercolor) Lace!

Q: How do you go from an idea to a full-fledged design and how do you ensure that it’s on brand with the other products on the site?

A: After working here for almost 4 years, I have a strong sense of what direction we are looking to go with the brand based on what’s in style for the season and then I try to put my own twist on it. Butterflies were something that you were super passionate about and after seeing the awesome pictures of your kids hatching butterflies from 10 years ago, inspiration took flight (pardon the pun!) I took that idea and hand-drew the butterflies you see on the cover, but overlay them with a watercolor palette to make it a bit different.    aby inspiration 4 Q: Are you inspired by things in your own life that you see in these designs? A: I definitely don’t even realize how much certain things affect me. “Watercolor Shine” for example, has a specific color gradient that is strikingly similar to one of my favorite scarves. I didn’t look at that scarf and model it after the pattern per se, but one day when I was wearing it, I realized how much it had impacted me subconsciously when I went to design that cover.

 Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: Getting to work with such innovative people, doing something I love every single day and ending up with beautiful designs that I had a hand in creating that make thousands of people happy. It’s amazing!

aby inspiration 3

 Q: Finally, what layout of the LifePlanner™ do you use and which cover?

A: I have a Rose Gold Horizontal LifePlanner™ (I designed that layout as my ideal planner, so I HAVE to use it) with a Butterfly cover! Though I am loving our NEW April Watercolor Drops cover, shown above.