We had so much fun at this photo shoot, I just had to share! Here are some highlights from our big 10-year anniversary campaign…

We filmed in our Los Angeles warehouse, putting up a green screen and bringing in the LARGEST balloons I have ever seen!

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek!

 There were outfit changes, a huge fan to make that natural windblown look (ha! look out Beyonce!) and “movie magic” all done in post production to make it look like I was being carried away into the sky! My team had fun with their solo balloon shots too.
 Employee Solo Shots

At the end of the shoot, my team surprised me with a HUGE and adorable cake. I must say, our 10 year anniversary was pretty sweet! I hope you enjoy the the behind the scenes peek as we celebrate a decade of happy organization & inspiration.

Celebrating 10 Amazing Years!!!


Click here to see our Newsletter with the final images!

Putting the FUN in Fundraising: Mom’s Night Out!


It seems like we get less and less state funding for our schools these days unless we decide to raise it ourselves. Our sweet little public school really needs all the help it can get and thankfully we have an incredible group of volunteers that organize events to make money for our education foundation.

 Our Mom’s Night Out at the Comedy Club in Hermosa Beach all started when one of my friends thought we could have some FUN while fundraising and now it has become one of my favorite school events of the year! My company sponsored the event this year by providing stickers & “swag” for all the guests, and sooo many other generous local businesses donated amazing items to the gift bags that were raffled off before the comics took the stage. I must say, we made our own comedy on stage as I felt a bit like Vanna White showcasing all the prizes! The event was sold out and brought in more than $10K for our school! Way to go MOMS!