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Subscriptions are one of those things I just have to try out. A mysterious surprise of a product category I already know and love? Sign me up. So when Erin Condren announced the launch of the new Seasonal Surprise Box I only lasted about an hour before hitting purchase.

Seasonal Surprise Box 1

Let’s lay out the details before diving into the good stuff. The subscription is a quarterly released box for $35, but contains over $85 worth of goodies. Each box is geared towards the holidays and season of the upcoming months. Plus it comes in a reversible box which is just too cool.

Seasonal Surprise Box 2

The products themselves are better than I could have ever expected. Everything inside is either a sneak peek of products yet to be released or exclusive subscription only goodies. Exclusive products are always a nice touch to make a subscription worth while and this box is packed with them. First are two exclusive monthly sticker sheets for February and March. A nice variety of stickers from St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. There is also an exclusive Floral Ink Snap-in Dashboard to write daily to-dos or shopping lists. My favorite exclusive addition has to be the note cards for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. I’m a sucker for stationery and it’s such a thoughtful thing to include to encourage subscribers to send out more snail mail to loved ones.

The box also includes sneak peeks of future released products. The subscription feels like a special club to see new products before anyone else. The Lips Flair Pin got me particularly excited as I have quite the growing collection of enamel pins. I’m a proud owner of all the pins Erin Condren has produced so far so having this one before it goes on sale is an added bonus. There is also a new Coloring Book as well as Colorful Dual-Tip Markers included in the box. The Dual-Tip markers are my favorite markers Erin Condren has released yet. With a fine and medium point tip they’re incredibly versatile and have a really great color range.

The $25 coupon blew me away. With the box being $35, the coupon basically made it only $10. Something that definitely didn’t have to be included in the box to make the subscription worth it, but a really awesome gesture to encourage subscribers to get more organized. As an extra bonus there is also four sheets of Heart Gift Labels. Perfect for snazzing up a Valentine’s Day present to a sweetheart or making any gift a bit more special.

Seasonal Subscription Box 4

As soon as I opened the lid of the subscription I knew it had me. I’ll definitely be purchasing the next one after seeing the amazing variety of quality, unique products in this first one. No corners were cut and no expense spared to make this box and you can definitely tell. Products were carefully chosen and I felt beyond special opening the box and seeing all of these curated products just for me.

If you missed out on this first seasonal surprise box, the next one is a must.

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