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OMG! INTERCHANGEABLE COVERS? YES! For years we've watched people anguish over which Cover Design to choose…something they will carry with them everyday for an entire year can be quite a commitment! We also had soooo many requests from people asking to change their cover, usually when they were tired of the same photo or just wanted to switch out the design or colorway. WELL, NOW YOU CAN!

We worked all year developing an original technology  that enables you to snap in a cover so it is secure and won't fall off. A thin, hairline slice in the lamination keeps the cover fitting snug to the coil until you are ready to make a change. Let your creative juices flow while you curate a collection of covers that will transform the look of any of our coil-bound books! Watch the video to see how to change your covers in & out as often as you wish. 

*This cover set measures 9.25" tall x 7.25" wide.

*Protected with heavy duty 10mL laminate for daily wear and tear.

*This item includes a personalized FRONT cover and matching BACK cover only. Coil-bound book insides NOT included!

dimensions 9.25" x 7.25"
cover 110lb
color signature
hot pink
custom colorway